About Us

The term domesticated animals don’t always have the emotional ring to it as ‘pet’ does, doesn’t it? In our life, pets often provide a lot of benefits and bring about a whole wealth of positive superlatives that pet owners often run out of words to describe.

Luckily for us, we have a lot of words to spare!logo2 - About Us

Welcome to Pet Centre of Sparta

We are a company that aims to be your very partner in securing elevated pet health. While our existence may be relatively young—compared to other companies—the experience that dwells in our bones is one which has been harnessed through the gentle care of our own personal pets and through those that we have interacted with through the industry.

Through us, we hope that you gain a better understanding and stronger clarity regarding pet nutrition, pet food options, and even the different types of pet treats that are available. It is our ever present goal to promote the best interests of pets through our services. We also aim to do that by publishing articles that are meant to help pet owners navigate the path to being a responsible pet parent.

Is there something in particular you would like to know about? If so, gander a call at our number: 605 691 7887. We always look forward to answering inquiries!