cat feed - Before You Feed Them Veggies: 3 Things You Need to Know About Cat Diets

Before You Feed Them Veggies: 3 Things You Need to Know About Cat Diets

One trend that we’ve been seeing a lot would have to be this belief that cats can survive primarily on vegan or completely vegetarian meals. This is something that we believe needs a spotlight upon. We believe that cats can adjust to a variety of flavors that their owners tend to introduce them to.

While that may not be necessarily a bad thing, a lot of owners tend to forget the diets that cat need to maintain in order to remain truly healthy. If you are one of the cat owners that is thinking of switching your cat’s diet to a predominantly vegetables, you may want to read what we have to say about this.

Here are a few important things you need to know about cat’s diets in general:

They Are Not Omnivores

This is something that can be easy to forget as we tend to see vagrant cats being able to eat pretty much anything. That odd diet of theirs is borne out of desperation rather than a conscious decision. Even if you do see them eat what seems to be comprised of plastic or something that been lying there for days, you will most likely see them trying to find meat and protein.

People tend to think that cats are omnivores because they compare their diets to dogs that are able to eat pretty much anything. There are also dogs that have predominantly veggie based diets. This should not give you the idea that cats can survive on the same thing. Their biology is completely different from those of dogs.

cate - Before You Feed Them Veggies: 3 Things You Need to Know About Cat Diets

Certain Veggies are Toxic to Them

Certain veggies are actually toxic to cats. Yup, you heard that right. Some vegetables which we (and often other animals) consume on a regular basis can actually and quite literally cause the death of a pet cat.

We feel that much emphasis is needed as there have been countless kitties which have unintentionally been poisoned by their owners. Before you consider giving your pet cat any sort of veggies, we highly suggest that you consult a vet or do a massive amount of research regarding what is safe for them to eat.

Think of it this way, just because we see goats, sheep, and cows eat grass doesn’t mean that we should be doing it, too. We hope that you do try to actively find out what sort of vegetation is actually bad or toxic for your cats before it is too late.

Wild Cats Do Not Eat Vegetation of Any Kind

Our adorable housecats are descendants of bigger and wilder cats that live out in the wild. While a lot of them are endangered, this is due to human involvement and not anything to do with their natural diets. Wild cats are meat eaters.

Wild cats have never been observed imbibing any wild vegetation of any kind. Even if they are found to thrive in different areas which have massive amounts of fruits and vegetables, they do not eat them at all. This is because their digestive system and even their skulls have evolved specifically to better process meat and protein.

So there you have it! We here at Pet Centre of Sparta hope that today’s discussion give you a chance to pause and think about introducing veggies of any sort to your pet cat. What are your thoughts about this? Would you consider giving your pet cat some veggies?