kitty - Meow-ma Mia! Four Common Cat Food Mistakes a Lot of Owners Make

Meow-ma Mia! Four Common Cat Food Mistakes a Lot of Owners Make

Cats are fiercely independent creatures. Even when they are domesticated, any cat owner will tell you that it seems that those things have a mind of their own. Just because they are independent, however, does not mean that they are not completely reliant on their owners for sustenance.

In our experience, there have been a lot of pet cat owners that have had trouble with their pet’s health because of the cat food mistakes that they tend to make. In order to provide a better understanding for pet owners everywhere, we wanted to discuss some of the common mistakes being made.

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Giving them Dog Food

Cats and Dogs are worlds apart from each other. This is not just referring to their temperament or their particular care needs. We’re also speaking of their generally biology. While these two animals carry a lot of the same internal organs, their nutritional needs are completely different.

foodbowl - Meow-ma Mia! Four Common Cat Food Mistakes a Lot of Owners Make

A common mistake that a lot of cat owners make is that they give their cats some dog food whenever they either have forgotten specific cat food or think that “food is food”. Cats have a particular set of nutritional needs that are met by cat food. Feeding them dog food robs them of that.

Giving Milk to Grown Cats

Everyone who has ever read a newspaper or seen a movie or a cartoon will be familiar of cats that are happy to lap up a saucer of milk. While kittens do drink milk from their mothers and some other alternative (if the mother is unavailable), they eventually transition into solid food.

A common misconception about cats is that they love to drink milk. The fact of the matter is adult cats cannot process milk. In fact, milk can actually make them quite sick. Even if the sight is something that is truly familiar to us, thanks to popular culture, once your cat has been weaned from milk, you should really avoid giving them any.

Raw Fish Diet

Another common misconception would be the belief that cats love fish. While they do love the smell and fish has nutritional value that can be quite beneficial to cats, this does not mean that you should serve them raw fish.

fishra - Meow-ma Mia! Four Common Cat Food Mistakes a Lot of Owners Make

There have been far too many cats that have infested by unclean seafood. This is because a lot of cat owners have given raw fish to their pets. Just because humans can eat sushi or sashimi does not mean that the animal in your care can do the same. Raw fish—especially one which comes fresh from the market—is untreated and can be carrying parasites that can be waiting in the wings to be consumed to complete its natural life cycle.

Giving Them More than Necessary

In one of the earliest articles that we have published, we’ve pointed out the fact that obesity is one of the more predominant issues that strike a number of pets in the world today. This is due to the fact that pet owners tend to give their pets more food than what they actually need.

When pet owners give their pets twice or thrice the amount of food, you are effectively setting your pet up for health problems down the road. Obesity can lead to a myriad of other health problems for your pet cat like diabetes and liver problems.

So there you have it! We here at Pet Centre of Sparta certainly hope that you have picked up new and helpful information regarding pet health, particularly when it comes to caring for cats in general. We hope that you can avoid the common misconceptions that we’ve pointed out today. We would love to hear your thoughts about this. What other common cat misconceptions have you come across?

petblack - Stepping Up: Two Most Prevalent Problems with Pet Health

Stepping Up: Two Most Prevalent Problems with Pet Health

Pets don’t usually get much choice regarding their way of life and what they repeatedly put into their bodies. That responsibility lies with their owners; this is why it is so disheartening to hear of the two most prevalent problems in pet health are mostly owner-related.

Today, we wanted to talk about—you guessed it—the two biggest pet health problems that have been striking pets all over the world. It’s really odd how there could be so many people who have pets which end up having the same problems. The only common factor would be their owners. It is a rather difficult trend and we want it to stop and we believe that sharing information about it is the way to go.

Here are the two most prevalent pet health problems to date:

fatcat - Stepping Up: Two Most Prevalent Problems with Pet Health


There has been a startling trend of household pets that have been several kilograms over the healthy prescribed weight limit. There have been entire TV shows that centered on obese animals. What every episode seems to have in common is the fact that the owners of the pets seemingly are unaware of the right amount of food that is needed by their charges.

What happens is that a lot of pet owners give 2-4 times the food amount that is needed for them to be sufficiently fed. The end result is that the pets end up obscenely obese.


Many people think that just because a pet is rather chunky (read that as obese) that they are getting all the nutrition that they need. The truth of the matter is that alongside obesity is pet malnutrition. There are a lot of house pets which are given mostly fatty and unhealthy food.

thinpet - Stepping Up: Two Most Prevalent Problems with Pet Health

So while they bulk up, their bodies do not actually get the nutrition that they sorely need. Pet malnutrition is the gateway to many other diseases like organ failure. Cats may be picky with their food but this does not mean that you should overload them with the food that they do actually like.

So there you have it! We at Pet Centre of Sparta care quite deeply about the state of health of many loyal and loving pets all over the world. We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter of pet health issues. What else do you think are the most prevalent issues in terms of health?