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Welcome to Pet Centre of Sparta!

Don’t let our auspicious name shake your boots or think that we’re something else. As always, we are a company who aims to be your partner in securing elevated pet health. More than just a food store, we offer a wide variety of services for those who are interested.

To get a clearer idea, here are a few of our offerings:

Pet Consultation

We believe that like every person, pets also have varied dietary needs. As such, it is important that pets are given the sort of nutrition that they personally need and one which fits their lifestyle. Our pet nutrition consultants are at the ready to provide their wisdom and look over your pet and give you the information that you most need regarding your pet’s nutrition.

Pet Food Distributor

If there is a particular brand of pet food for your dog or cat that you patronize particularly, we will most likely have it. We are lucky to have obtained numerous partnerships and deal with many a brand. Our offerings run from national, local, and even artisanal ones. We have a lot to choose from and it is a point of pride that we have so many to offer.

For more information or for any inquiries, please make use of our contact page. Our brand head, John Levine, is ready to address any of your concerns. As always, Pet Centre of Sparta is here for you and the furry creatures that we permit into our lives with such joy and adoration.