dogtreats - Bully Sticks for Dogs: Why Should Pet Treats Be Part of Your Pup’s Life?

Bully Sticks for Dogs: Why Should Pet Treats Be Part of Your Pup’s Life?

In a pet’s life food plays a really big part. It isn’t just the food that is given on a rather frequent basis. Even the “snacks” or treats that we give them play a rather large part into it. This is something that a lot of pet owners tend to have debates about.

For today’s discussion, we wanted to discuss the importance of bully stick doggie treats and why they must certainly play a role in your dog’s life. We’re not just talking about treats as they are used to train new pups. Treats go beyond that. If used properly, treats can be utilized for a great many positive things. Our favorites just happen to be Pawstruck – bully sticks.

Let us elaborate.

Treats Enforce Discipline—For Both Parties

When we say “both parties” we are, of course, referring to both the pet and their owner. You see, once a pet gets a taste or a whiff of the scent of the treat, the dog (regardless of age) will bound up quite excitedly just to obtain the treat. If the dog is able, they will indeed try to pounce on their owner.

treats - Bully Sticks for Dogs: Why Should Pet Treats Be Part of Your Pup’s Life?

If the owner gives the treat in that state, they are enforcing the idea that it is okay to be hyper and to even leap upon their owners. If the treat is withheld until the pet is in a much calmer state, the owner is teaching their pet that calm must supersede.

In this exchange, there must be the balance between the owner and the pet in order to make use of treats effectively. Treats can be a good tool for both the pet and owner to learn how to be on their best behavior and pick up healthier habits.

Treats Can Boost Health

When treats are used properly, they can actually be sued to boost the health of a pet. There are a lot of different treats which have different ingredients that are known to help dogs with their bodily complaints.

It is also true that there are certain treats with ingredients that can end up being harmful to a pet. The greatest distinction would have to be on the part of the pet owner. It must be their role to distinguish which ones are best to suit the health of the animal in their care.

The treat that must be given should suit the age, health condition, and the breed of the animal. When done right, treats can help to keep teeth healthy, boost energies, and to expel any toxins from the animal’s body.

Treats Strengthen Bonds

There is no secret about the fact that pet dogs love treats. What pet trainers will tell you is that treats aren’t just used to enforce good behavior. They are made to establish a bond that is stronger than any other.

The one who gives the treats is the one that the dog will be loyal to the most—this is a fact that a lot of people tend to ignore. It is not affection or discipline which will win you the love of a pet. It is the person who gives the treats. There is a reason why strangers train dogs they only give treats after meeting specific tasks but never more.

This is to make sure that the animal is not confused as to whom their allegiance must be.

So there you have it! We at Pet Centre of Sparta would love to hear your thoughts regarding treats and the role they have to play in the lives of dogs. What are you thoughts about it? Do you give your pets treats? What role to treats play?